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A Guide to Daily Care of Dogs

I was never a pet person. In fact, I would cringe when I would see people hugging and kissing their pets. Despite everyone knowing I did not like pets, my brother gave me a puppy for my birthday. I had no clue about how to take care of it. I even thought about giving him away. Before I realized it though, he had grown on me. I found myself telling people that he was not the average dog, but a super dog instead. So, I decided to create a blog for non-dog lovers like me who find themselves owning and loving a dog.

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What Is The Truth About Cat Boarding Facilities?

Cat boarding is a popular alternative to hiring a pet sitter. Unfortunately, many cat owners miss out on the benefits of boarding due to misconceptions about the facilities. To help you separate the truth about cat boarding from the fiction, here are some of the commonly believed misconceptions and the reality.  

Cats Are Left in Cages for the Entire Stay

When your cat is at home, you more than likely do not leave it in a cage. The cage can be uncomfortable and make for a cranky cat. Cat boarding facilities generally have the same policy about leaving cats confined.  

Cats are kept in enclosures, but they are not cages. The enclosures allow for movement and entertainment. Many of the enclosures are near windows so that your cat can enjoy the views outside and get exposed to sunlight. 

If you are concerned with your cat interacting with others, you do not have to worry. Your cat's enclosure will allow room for it to be comfortable without the worry of having to interact with other cats. Cats are generally not boarded together in facilities.  

Boarding Could Lead to Your Cat Becoming Ill

Some cat owners shy away from boarding out of a fear that diseases are easily spread in the facilities. The opposite is true, though. Most facilities require that boarders have all of their required vaccinations before staying. Check with the facility you are interested in to learn the requirements.  

In addition to this, some facilities do not have communal spaces for illnesses to be spread. Each cat has its own litter box and food bowl that are not mingled with others. In addition to this, some facilities are outfitted with special equipment, such as filtration systems, to prevent the spread of disease.

Cats Are in Danger Due to Dog Occupants at the Facility

It is no secret that cats and dogs do not always get along. Cat boarding facility staffers are aware of this and take steps to prevent cats and dogs from mingling. For instance, some facilities house the cats in one building and the dogs in another.  

As a result, you do not have to worry about your cat's safety while it is at the boarding facility. You can check with the facility you are interested in to determine what the boarding arrangement is. You can also learn additional details about the facility so you know what to expect.