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A Guide to Daily Care of Dogs

I was never a pet person. In fact, I would cringe when I would see people hugging and kissing their pets. Despite everyone knowing I did not like pets, my brother gave me a puppy for my birthday. I had no clue about how to take care of it. I even thought about giving him away. Before I realized it though, he had grown on me. I found myself telling people that he was not the average dog, but a super dog instead. So, I decided to create a blog for non-dog lovers like me who find themselves owning and loving a dog.

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Helpful Tips for Finding a Breeder When Buying a Puppy

If you are ready to add a puppy to your family, you will want to find the right breeder to purchase your new pet from. If you are unfamiliar with the process of working with dog breeders and purchasing dogs, everything can seem quite overwhelming. However, these helpful tips should go a long way in helping you find a great breeder and purchase the right puppy for your family.

Choose a Breed First

Many reputable dog breeders focus on breeding just one or two breeds. Therefore, before you start looking for a breeder, you will need to decide what breed of puppy you would like to purchase. Breeds vary a lot in temperament, appearance, grooming needs, and more. Doing your research about different dog breeds will help you make the right choice. Then, you can start looking for breeders who offer puppies of the breed that you're most interested in.

Start Your Search Early

Finding a good dog breeder can take a while, so if you know that you will add a puppy to your family sometime in the near future, now is a good time for you to start your search for a breeder. This gives you more time to find the right person to purchase your puppy from, and it can prevent you from making rushed decisions that might not be right for your family.

Ask a Lot of Questions

When you talk to potential breeders, ask them lots of questions. Ask them about how long they have been in the business, what their goals are with their breeding program, how much they charge for puppies, and what their screening process is like when selling puppies. This can help you get a better understanding of the breeder you want to work with and can help you be properly prepared to go through the purchasing process.

Be Prepared to Pay a Deposit

Many of the more reputable and popular dog breeders have a long list of customers who are interested in purchasing one of their puppies. If you want to increase your chances of being able to get a puppy from their next litter, you may be required to pay a deposit, perhaps even before the puppy is born. If you work with a reputable breeder, they can tell you more about how much they expect as a deposit or when the deposit is due. Then, you can put down some of the money toward your puppy purchase.

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